Best Essay Writing Services in 2022

With the rising number of college admissions, the need for top-quality essays writing services is growing. In response, several academic writing companies have been established to address the need, offering a plethora of academic and professional writing help and citation styles to satisfy any student or business person alike.

However, the boom has also resulted in a host of shady and illegitimate businesses popping up and taking advantage of customers. They do this by employing essay writers from developing countries whose native language isn’t English, or writers without the right qualifications who are unable to produce quality work. Some of these companies outright plagiarise work from other sources and simply sell it on. They do this to cut back on costs and maximize their profits, resulting in you receiving sloppy work, poor grades and potentially putting your educational career at risk.

Ranking Process

To protect consumers from scammers, we have assembled a team of heavyweight professional and academic writers with a ton of experience between them to scour the internet, looking for the best essay writing service available. Our standards are high, and our requirements are strict. The sources we found had to produce work that met the academic and peer-review standard, and offer the best prices and competitive discounts. Only legitimate, registered companies that implemented and followed consumer rights policy made our list. We tested the process from start to finish, placing orders, contacting their customer service team and assessing the services that they offered and our overall customer satisfaction.

Top 5 Essay Writing Services

Below are our highest-ranking academic writing services, based on trustworthiness, ease of use and writers’ policy. They passed our plagiarism check, met and followed all policy requirements and we can assure you that using these services means you are safe from the charlatans and scammers who are plaguing the market. These companies not only came out on top but surpassed our professional expectations.


Services offered: 10 – Discounts: 15% OFF – Pricing: from $12.99 – Ease of use: mobile friendly –Trusted service –  Writers: 400+ – Policy: flexible – Plagiarism: not detected

academized is a leader in the field of academic writing. They employ professional academic writers, who are fully qualified and passionate about their subjects. They are a trusted source for high-quality essay production and are cheap too. Prices for essays start at $12.99 but include a host of free features such as plagiarism reports, formatting, proofreading and bibliographies. Writers are also available for rewrites and editing, CV and resume writing services and college admission applications. Their customer support is among the best. Academized is one of the best writing services out there, delivering quality papers that will achieve maximum results.

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Services offered: 10 – Discounts: 20% OFF – Pricing: from $15.99 – Ease of use: mobile friendly – Trusted serviceWriters: 350+ – Policy: flexible – Plagiarism: not detected

paperfellows provides a confidential essay writing service. At Paperfellows you can select the style paper you want, and learn about the writer who will produce your work before placing your order. The service provides research papers, coursework and dissertations, lab reports and critical essays. Paperfellows offers papers at High School and College level, so they can support you through your entire educational career. However, their service is most popular and preferred amongst master’s degree and Ph.D. students, whose needs are more specific. With access to top writers in the field, we highly recommend Paperfellows for all your essay writing needs.

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Services offered: 9 – Discounts: 15% OFF – Pricing: from $14.99 – Ease of use: mobile friendly – Trusted serviceWriters: 400+ – Policy: flexible – Plagiarism: not detected


You won’t find a great all-round service better than This grass-roots writing company not only provides top-quality academic essays for students but is also popular amongst businesses and other professionals. Boomessay writers produce term papers and research assignments, and also provide movie and book reviews, PowerPoint presentations and reaction papers. The usual turn around for academic papers is 14 days, but they can produce work within 3 hours if you are willing to pay a little more. Boomessays is a great professional writing service, especially for those who are short on time and in urgent need of professional support.

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Services offered: 9 – Discounts: 18% OFF – Pricing: from $16.55 – Ease of use: mobile friendly – Trusted serviceWriters: 300+ – Policy: moderate – Plagiarism: not detected

gradeonfire is one of the most reliable and easy to use online writing services out there. They provide a variety of essay writing styles, proofreading and editing. They also reward you for your custom by offering exclusive discounts and coupons to loyal customers. The more you order, the more you save at Also, you can preview samples of work before ordering. You can also request specific writers based on their experience and customer ratings. This site overall is dedicated to offering top professional academic work and customer service. We highly recommend for students who require long term academic support.

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Services offered: 9 – Discounts: 20% OFF – Pricing: from $20.99 – Ease of use: mobile friendly – Trusted serviceWriters: 300+ – Policy: moderate – Plagiarism: not detected

x-essays is more than your average academic writing service. Not only do they offer customers an excellent standard of academic essays, but they also provide ongoing academic support and ‘How-To’ guides for customers that subscribe to their service. X-essays customizes itself to the needs of the student, sending notifications straight to your browser. They generate up-to-date and relevant information based on your requirements. They are popular amongst those needing a more customized experience. Pricing depends on the length and complexity of your assignment and deadline, so you can be sure to get exactly what you need at the right time.

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Buying essays online is safe so long as you use a legitimate, registered service. Other companies are available, but not all writing services are made equal. Buying essays from low-cost and under-rated companies may save a few dimes, but has a great number of risks. Some of those risks could prove fatal to your overall grade and academic career. The companies mentioned here are among the best in the business and will deliver quality work to deadline and provide 100% customer satisfaction and support.

Ordering from one of our recommended companies means you will have full customer protection that guarantees your privacy and keeps your data confidential. We hope this information will help you make an informed choice, and protect you from scammers that just want to cheat you out of money, and produce sub-standard work in return. We aim to help students achieve their greatest academic potential, with meticulous research methods we produced only the best results. We can guarantee that this list of professional writing services will cater to all of your writing needs and most importantly, keep you safe.