BoomEssays Review

boomessays Review

People may use essay writing services for a wide range of reasons. There are mixed reviews about many essay-writing companies online, with some citing that they are little more than a scam and others saying that they produce good results. People looking for a writing service may simply want help with writing an essay in another language for the first time and have ideas but be struggling to put their ideas into words. They may have good subject knowledge but lack the writing skills or expertise to write an essay at college level, particularly for postgraduate students or if English is not the first language of the student. They may simply not have time to write an essay. In this article, I’ll try and provide an honest review of Boomessays, looking at their ratings and what kind of services they can offer.


Although Boom Essays may seem unaffordable at first, one of the things that Boom Essays offer that I am unaware of any other company offering is a lifetime discount on their services. The discount depends on how many pages you have ordered with them. After ordering 100 pages, you get a 15% discount, and smaller discounts are available for others. If you are wondering how to get other discounts, there is also a 15% discount for your first order. There are also other coupons and promotional codes available from time to time, which can make using Boom very affordable. Remember too, that the longer your deadline, the larger the discount that will be applied. All of these factors can make Boom affordable for many students.

Boom Essays Prices

Boom Essays offer a structured pricing service where price depends on the number of pages and how quickly you need the essay written. When reviewing the prices of other essay writing services, Boomessays are competitive. You can be charged in USD, GBP, AUD, CAD or EUR. There are often discounts and promotional codes available. Remember that the lifetime discount also applies. So although a one-off service may appear to cost a lot at first, particularly if you need the work returned in a short space of time, their services are very competitive in comparison to others on the market.


Some reviews out there say that Boom Essays is a scam and not reliable, but I would disagree. Their services are normally without problems and provide students who may be pressed for time with a legit and reliable service. In case you are not satisfied, they offer both a bad quality and revision service. The revision service offers unlimited revisions within 14 days of receiving your essay. They also offer a plagiarism guarantee service and offer refunds if a Turnitin report detects high levels of plagiarism. As well as this, they have their internal scanners to ensure that a paper is original.

How to use

Boom offers slightly more than simply writing services. You can probably tell from the company name that essays are the most common upload format. Other documents such as spreadsheets, presentations and CVs/resumes can also be uploaded though. You can see the profiles of writers on their site, to choose the one you think would be the best fit for your paper. While your essay is being written, you can see the progress being made. Their ordering process is relatively simple and easy to use. All you need to do is provide details such as the type of essay (Boom offers services from high school to PhD theses) and which subject. Again, in the case of the latter, a very diverse range of subjects are offered.

Boom Essay Writers

Boom have writers located all over the world. Even if you need an essay completed within 3 hours, there will be a writer in a time zone who is available to complete the task, and instructions on how to communicate with them. As previously mentioned, writers have profiles where you can see their completed jobs, and ratings received from other users and background. Their approach means that your writing will not simply be sent to the next available writer. Writers are native speakers and have often graduated from prestigious universities.


Boom do offer a guarantee that you will be satisfied with your essay. To ensure a wider choice of writers available, and also reduce the cost, it is recommended to submit requests at least a few days before your paper is due. Indeed, the cost is reduced with longer deadlines, going up to 14 days in advanced for the lowest cost. The pricing works on a sliding scale right up to the shortest turnaround time of 3 hours. Boom also offers quality and revision guarantees. In the case of the quality, Boomessays offer a money-back guarantee. In the case of revision, if you are still not satisfied with your essay even after revisions, you can use the quality guarantee service and receive a refund of up to 70%.


Boomessays also offer a plagiarism guarantee. You will receive a refund if high levels of plagiarism are found in the Turnitin report (Turnitin is a software used by many academic institutions to detect levels of plagiarism). Some may wonder does Boomessays plagiarise papers, but since Boom writers are often academics themselves, they value the importance of writing and genuine qualifications. They ensure that nobody will ever receive a degree certificate when they do not have the correct subject knowledge.


This Boomessays review hopes to show that, if you do decide to use an essay writing service for whatever reason, Boomessays are definitely worth considering. Their website is easy to use, and you can get a quality essay written in a short amount of time for a reasonable price. Their transparency and the fact that you can communicate directly with the writer, rather than going via Boomessays, is a big plus. For those who have never written an essay at that academic level before, or feel they may struggle, using Boomessays could provide a feasible solution.