PaperFellows Review

paperfellows Review

If you are thinking of using a writing service company, then look no further than As well as receiving consistently positive reviews and equally high ratings from their customers, PaperFellows offer a whole range of fantastic writing services.

Whether you are looking for help with an essay, some editing or proof reading, PaperFellows can help. With easy-to-use services, highly qualified writers and a range of discounts available, PaperFellows are a writing service company well worth using.

How To Get A Discount

You might be worried about the cost of using PaperFellows. Luckily, there are a whole range of discounts and promo codes that you can use when you place your order. First time users get an introductory newcomer discount of 20% by using the promotional code 20FELLOWS. PaperFellows also have regular special sale prices. These tend to be on offer during holiday season and towards the end of a semester. It is well worth checking the website for these codes before placing your order. If you are an existing customer, PaperFellows will email you an announcement of the upcoming sale, so you will never miss out on a great deal.

Loyal customers are also rewarded. PaperFellows keeps track of all your cumulative pages, as well as the amounts you have spent on their site. They then apply a loyalty discount of between 5% and 15% to your order. The PaperFellows discount plan is graduated, so the more pages or total amount that you spend, the greater your discount. This is a great way to keep customers coming back and making use of their great writing services.

Cost Of PaperFellows’ Services

The costs of all of PaperFellows services are very clearly displayed on and there are no hidden fees or sudden surprises. As a result, PaperFellows have received great reviews, especially when it comes to their pricing.

A particularly good feature is the ability for you to get a quote before you make a purchase, so you are able to know precisely how much the service will cost in advance. The cost of each order is calculated based on the academic level of the work, the number of pages and the deadline required.

Depending on what work you need to be completed, the prices can vary considerably. As you might expect, higher academic level work is more expensive. Similarly, if you need the work to be completed to a tight deadline, then the service will also be more costly. For instance, you could order an essay and have it completed within 6 hours at £35.99 per page, whilst the same essay would only cost you $12.99 per page if ordered with a 14-day deadline.


Some students may initially be hesitant to use a writing service, for fear of becoming victim to a scam. However, you can rest assured that the services offered by PaperFellows are legitimate and reliable. You can contact the support team, before you have even placed an order, with any queries you might have about their services.

PaperFellows operates a safe service and they have full transparency regarding their privacy policy. Your data is only collected once you have given explicit permission for them to do so and all data collected is stored safely and securely. They clearly explain what data is collected and the purposes for which it is used, meaning that you can use their services safe in the knowledge that they are offering a trustworthy service.

Furthermore, PaperFellows use the latest security and safety measures to ensure high-level data protection. They guarantee a secure connection and all payments are verified, adding extra protection.

Using PaperFellows Services

Using PaperFellows’ services couldn’t be easier. You can quickly and easily order any writing service using the form on their home page. You can specify the type of service required, the number of pages or words, the academic level to which it needs to be completed and finally, when you want the work to be completed by. You can choose a deadline anywhere from 14 days to 6 hours, depending on your urgency. All upload formats are accepted, making it even easier to access.

Once you have placed an order, PaperFellows will assign a specialist writer to you. You will then have full communication with your writer and 24-hour access to their support team (via the telephone, as well as through live chat on their website). Once your order is completed, you simply have to download your paper.

PaperFellows Writers

One of the best aspects of PaperFellows’ services is their high-quality, talented writers. Before being hired by PaperFellows, all writers must undertake an intensive writing test and prove their academic credentials. All writers are fully qualified to work on college-level assignments and are native English speakers.

You will be able to have full and direct communication with your writer, once one has been assigned to you, allowing you to discuss your requirements more specifically to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

PaperFellows Refund Policy And Money Back Guarantee

PaperFellows offers all their customers a money back guarantee. If no writer has been assigned to you and you choose to cancel your order, you are able to get a 100% refund. This is reduced to 70% if a writer has already been assigned to you and 50% if a writer has been assigned to you and half the deadline has already passed. In the unlikely event of a late delivery, you can also claim compensation.


PaperFellows offer a 100% guarantee that none of their papers are plagiarized. You can also order an ‘Originality Report’ for $21.99 which confirms that the paper you have been given is unique and original.


If you are looking for a reliable, professional writing service, then look no further than PaperFellows. Their highly skilled writers produce original and well-researched papers. PaperFellows review all the work, ensuring that you are provided with only the best possible quality work. At affordable prices, with great reviews and fantastic support services, PaperFellows provide a great service well worth using.