X-Essays Review


X-Essays.com Review

Want to make sure that your college assignments are finished to perfection? Many companies offer online writing services to both professionals and students, however, there are many out there that either scam you or produce sloppy and unprofessional work. But don’t let that discourage you, there are excellent services available that are trustworthy and reliable. Many readers may be wondering if using this type of service is worth it, and may not want to take the risk of finding out. Today I offer you a useful X-essay review, based on my own experience and X-essays ratings from other customers. X-Essays is one of the leading and best-known services for professional writing. I based my review on all aspects of the service, from writing production to customer service support. I contacted the service myself and spoke to dozens of other customers to deliver you an honest review. So, let’s find out how x-essays works and if the service provided is worth your time and money.

What is it?

X-Essays is an essay and assignment writing service that helps high school and college students achieve academic and career success by offering professionally written work. They not only help you with coursework but also college applications and statistical reports. They also provide useful and supportive advice on how to perfect your writing skills and guides for completing assignments, reviews, and applications. X-Essays offers a unique experience, in that they tailor their service. They treat each customer as an individual, ensuring that they deliver the best and easiest to use writing service available on the market.

How to Get a Discount at X-Essays

X-Essays understand that students do not have a lot of disposable income, they also value their customers and aim to build a long-term relationship with those who use their service frequently. Therefore, they offer an array of discounts for students and newcomers, but also reward you for repeat custom. The more you spend, the more you save at X-essays. It is one of the few services to offer exclusive lifetime discounts. You also get a 20% off X-essays coupon code on your first order, and X-essay promo codes are frequently advertised on their website and to existing customers who sign up to their mailing list.

X-Essays Price Review

X-Essays’ cost is low in comparison to other writing services. They aim to keep their standards high and their prices competitive. Prices start at $12.99 and offer a ton of free extras, such as unlimited amendments, bibliographies, and formatting options. Consolidate this with the discounts they offer, then X-essays is one of the best and cheapest writing services that you can find.


As mentioned previously, many websites are out there just to make a quick profit and scam their customers. X-essays is a legit, reliable and safe online writing service that aims to provide its customers with a pleasant and stress-free experience. They follow a stringent privacy policy, that ensures that your information is safe and is never shared with third-parties. X-essays offers a discreet service. Any personal information you provide is used only to match your order requirements. All relevant information regarding privacy is published on their website.

How to Use

X-Essays services are user friendly and their website is easy to navigate. Their website offers clear instructions, all you need to do is register with their services and answer a few questions about the type of coursework or assignment that you need. As each selection is made, their built-in site calculator summarises the cost so you don’t need to wait for quotes. X-essays allow upload formats of all kinds, making it easy for you to submit additional resources. X-Essays support offers both a Live Chat and a toll-free telephone helpline for customers.

How to Communicate with a Writer in X-essays

X-essays use only the best writers in the business. X-Essay writers are experts in their field and have received professional academic training. They can guarantee that you will receive top grades on any essay or assignment that you submit. Customers are free to peruse samples of writers’ work before they make their choice, so you can be confident that the work you will receive will be of excellent quality, and guarantee you those top marks. The service matches you to a writer that best fits your requirements, and makes communication with your writer easy and hassle-free. Their writers make your work their priority and deliver to the deadline.

X-Essays Refund Policy

X-Essays’ refund policy is flexible. If you are not 100% happy with their service, they will address your needs and offer a refund if requested. All complaints are investigated by their team and resolved promptly. X-essays money-back guarantee is published on their website and detailed in customer service contracts.  Refunds are processed within 5 working days and comply with government consumer policy.

Does X-essays Plagiarize Papers?

X-essays does not condone plagiarism in any shape or form. X-essays plagiarism policy is very strict, they have an optimized plagiarism checker that scans all work before it is submitted to the customer. They hold their work to a very high standard, and plagiarism or cheating of any kind is not tolerated. The work they produce is guaranteed to be unique, with all rights given to the customer upon purchase.


If you are looking for a professional paper or assignment for your college course or high school class then I would highly recommend using X-essays. Their service is reliable and certainly good value for money. The frequency of discounts that they offer makes me as a customer feel valued. I felt safe providing my necessary information, as their customer service team was always on hand and ready to answer any of my questions. Their website is clear, professional and easy to use. X-essays deliver professional work to a very high standard and even exceeded my expectations. Most importantly, X-essays is legitimate and safe. They provide an excellent all-round service for all your essay writing needs.