How To Write A Moving Personal Narrative Essay

A good narrative essay should take the reader on a journey, and subtly lead to them make their own conclusions. Here are 10 tips that will help you write a powerful personal narrative essay.

  1. Pick The Right Topic

First of all, you’re going to need a good topic. The right topic is one that you can expand on, that gives you a story to tell. Pick one that gives you room to work with.

  1. Pick A Specific Event

Broader stories are harder to elicit a response in the reader with. Pick a quite specific event that’s had an effect on you in your everyday life.

  1. Engage All The Senses

Don’t just tell the reader what happened. Bring all the senses into play. What could you hear? What could you smell?

  1. Show, Don’t Tell

This is rule no.1 of storytelling, and it applies here. Pick language that’s active and exciting, and draw the reader in. Show them what happened, give them multiple angles to see what’s happening in the narrative.

  1. Create A Hook

You want a unique hook that shows your story is individual, and that it belongs to you. At the beginning of the essay, use a hook that will draw the reader in for more.

  1. Use Vivid Vocabulary

You want the reader to feel as though they were there, so give them as much imagery as possible. Use the right vocabulary to really bring them in. Do research into the right words to use if you need to.

  1. Write In The First Person

This sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how often students revert to the second or third person when writing. You’re writing from your own experience, so write in the first person.

  1. Limit References

In a normal essay, you’ll need references to show your research. As this is a narrative essay, you need less references. Keep them limited throughout the text.

  1. Be Clear

Clarity is important, as you have a story to tell and a limited word count. Be clear and concise in your writing.

  1. Get A Second Opinion

Once you’ve finished writing, have someone else read it over to ensure it reads correctly. Made edits according to their feedback.

This will help you write a narrative essay that’s powerful, and really shows the reader how this event effected you in your life. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to write effectively.

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