Get That College Place With These Application Essay Tips

Your application essay is the one part of your application that you manage all by yourself. It’s your chance to really show the reader who you are as a person, and why they should consider you for their university. Here’s how you can write an excellent application essay and secure your place.

Be Honest And Original

It’s no good pretending to be someone you’re not. Show the reader who you are as person. Why are you so unique, and how can you be an asset to their institution? Don’t try and impress them by being something you’re not, as they’ll be able to see right through the act.

Read The Prompt Carefully

There will be an essay prompt, as the reader will be looking for something in particular from you. For example, they may want an example of when you were a leader, or how you manage adversity. Read the prompt carefully, and make sure your whole essay is answering their questions.

Create A Plan

Before you start writing, create a plan that will help you structure your essay. This may look like a flow chart, mind map, or any other planning strategy that helps you. This should show you what order your essay will take, and how each paragraph will flow into the next. A good plan takes the stress out of writing.

Be Careful With Your Vocabulary

It’s easy to start throwing advanced vocabulary into your writing, to show that you’re ready for college. However, it’s very easy to use an advanced word almost correctly. Readers will know if you used a word without really knowing what it means. Before you use a word, look for examples of it in action so you know you’re using it correctly.

Reflect On Your Actions

In a good essay, you’ll be using examples from your life to illustrate why you’d be a good student. When you do this, reflect on why these examples are right for you. For example, say you’re writing about a time when you stepped in in an emergency. Why was this important? How did it help you grow as a person?

These tips will help you write an application essay that wows your chosen institution. Show them just why you’re the right person to take on, and how you’ll bring value to them as a place of learning. Use these tips when you’re writing, and you can’t go wrong.

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