6 Ways To Write A Descriptive Essay

Your college essay can feel intimidating, as it’s the one part of the application process that you have full control over. Don’t be afraid of it, though! With the right know how, you can write an essay that bowls your dream college over.

  1. Be Positive

No matter what you write, make sure that it ends on a positive note. You may decide to tell a story from your past, but no matter how negative it may be, you need to show that you’ve learned a valuable lesson from it.

  1. Be Original

In California, a common essay topic is on how the writer helped build homes for people in Mexico. It’s so common that it no longer has a real impact on readers anymore. When writing your essay, make a point of writing something unique and interesting. Show the reader something new and unique about yourself.

  1. Don’t Rest On Your Laurels

You may well have excelled in the past, but the reader doesn’t want to know about just your past achievements. Tell them how you’re going to build on those successes. What are you going to do in the future, and how will your past experiences inform your next steps?

  1. Add A Hook Or A Twist

If you can, create a hook that will draw the reader in to your essay. Maybe something unexpected happened halfway through the story. Make sure you’re including this in your essay, to show that you can handle anything unusual that’s thrown at you. If you can show that you’re resilient and keep the reader guessing, your essay will be successful.

  1. Don’t Spell It Out

It’s tempting to end with a moral, or what you learned from your experience. However, summing it up can make your essay much less effective. Make the reader read between the lines to work out what you had to say.

  1. Talk About Your Feelings

You’re human, and that means you have feelings about the things that have happened to you. Write about how these events made you feel. How have you used those feelings to better yourself, or go on to help others?

Use these tips when you’re writing your college essay, and make yourself stand out as a strong contender. The best essays are unique and engaging, so keep that in mind when you’re writing. Use these tips, and you’ll have an essay that will show you off as the best candidate around.

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